Sen City Awards: Best Cinematographer

Award season is upon us, and as we see the usual overrated suspects picking up trophies and deserving candidates left out in the cold, most of us are exasperated. I know I am. So here’s the drill. I’m picking five candidates a week in one category, and voting stays open for one week. Vote below, forward it to friends, let’s get consensus going: I’m picking the five, and you get to decide who wins. Sounds fair enough?

Please feel free to articulate responses and suggestions regarding other prospective candidates I must have missed out. Use the comments section wisely, my friends, this isn’t a messageboard. Enjoy.

Voting open until Wednesday, January 27. Spread the word.


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  1. Vishal

    Much as I loved Delhi 6 and Dev D’s look, it is absolutely Tasadduq Hussain’s work on Kaminey for me. His camera work really conveyed Mumbai rains in ways that I haven’t seen on a big screen before.

    And Anil Mehta did Wake Up Sid? Really? Because that was so bland I never even bothered to look up the cinematographer for mention when I reviewed it.


  2. msrikantt

    Wake Up Sid for Cinematography!!!
    Would prefer PC Sreeram for Paa.

  3. Saggy

    Dev D. Hands down.
    But would just like to mention (and not nominate) Sejal Shah for Londom Dreams. Since there are no other worthy forums where you can applause a good work, I take the opportunity here.

  4. hardik mehta

    hemant chaturvedi for Kurbaan could have been in the nominees. he made Kurbaan look good…

  5. Abhishek

    I concur with Vishal for his comments. Brilliant work for Kaminey. I liked the dark saturation colours; the depth as well as the way the background contrasted with the mood of the actors.

    He deserves the award alright. Even if this guy doesn’t win any of the phoney crap shown on television, his work is recognised and that is important consideration.

  6. ameenmaj

    My vote for Delhi 6. Although the movie was hopeless the visual were splendid. Especially the one in Arziyaan. Too too good.

  7. ameenmaj

    My vote for Delhi 6. Although the movie was hopeless, the visuals were splendid. Especially Arziyaan.

  8. saurabh

    DevD had revolutionary cinematography! The winner for me would be devd definitely..

  9. Anamika

    Hussain for Kaminey. A totally different perspective on cinematography!

  10. Perx

    Oh come on! Kaminey! Those blurry dark scenes which made it hard to see what was even going on! Poorly made war movies have better cinematography!

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