What I love about Mumbai…

The meritocracy. The mania. The home-delivered alcohol. The hours. The fact that we call it Bombay, come what may. The delusion. The complete lack of perspective. The palpable fanaticism about film. The seaface. The honest auto-rickshaws. The dives. The impossibility. The DVD bootleggers. The fanboys. The fact that nobody really cares unless you beseech them to. The self-love. The brick-red powder that accompanies vada pao. The fact that the city moves as if cut to a soundtrack. WTF, Versova. The freaks. The frankies. The dreamers. The old and gorgeous South Bombay buildings. The new friends. The fact that the city sinks fangs into you and tries to make you its own. The sleeplessness.

But, if I were to pick one: the Bombay girl. Epic.


Originally published in MumbaiBoss, January 2, 2012


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  1. cpvenkatesh

    its awesome, very true, but i like to also add, this city’s craziness towards malls, junk foods and brands.

  2. myra


  3. shweta

    Almost like a lover..obsessive and insensitive at the same time..love bombay

  4. Laveena Iyer

    Reading the passage made me swell with pride as always when I read a sarcastic & true piece about Mumbai, but the last line made me smile admiringly in agreement!

  5. saleem husain

    Sen Saab… first Deepika Padukone now this?? Actually I agree with most of what you have there, except the part about the “Epic” Mumbai girls… you’re kidding, right? In a population of over 500 women in my office there is not a SINGLE one who would even come close to an average Punjabi Bagh middle class female – leave aside the 30 percentile new york girl or even a 20 percentile austalian…. It can be no accident that so many of these women have congregated to one place – perhaps comforted by what they see in their peers… it is like a sandstorm went through a junkyard and arranged the junk in a hideous 80’s set…

  6. Shruti Shukla

    Mumbai is addiction….you really don’t need any alcohol it just makes you high, once u hold its hand it will drench you with all its colours.The above passage is the true picture of ‘Amchi Mumbai.’So people its time to sink down in the arabian sea to taste the true spice of life and the best thing is you don’t need any guy/girl to enjoy it, its the best companion; best when you give it all…..Welcome to the ‘Princess land!!’

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