Not just another sports movie

The problem with pitching a story way, way too good to be true.

“We open with a young boy,” gushes the director breathlessly — exaggeratedly enthused by every word he himself utters, his very tone an exclamation mark — hardselling his pitch. “Cute, middle-class, short even. With an afro. Wants to play cricket, be a fast bowler.”

The producer grunts, a non-committal, potentially dream-crushing grunt. “Another sports movie? And bowling toh already had Iqbal na. Make him a batsman.” “Okay, okay,” says the director, undeterred and eager to compromise. “Bowling coach tells him he’d bat better. So he does. Young teenager, total prodigy.”

“We can even have a Gavaskar cameo, where he gives the boy his own pads after seeing him bat. When he’s 15, he scores a hundred in every match he plays. At 16, they pick him for the team.”

“For India? At 16?”

“Yeah, yeah India, boss. And he debuts against Pakistan! Bloody fast bowlers hammer him. Just picture it: in slow-motion, he wipes the blood off his nose and plays the next ball.”

The producer scratches his belly, yawning. “So phir, success and more success?” “Haan boss, but the scale of it! Something else! Boundary pe boundary, century pe century! Soon, he’s the best player in India. And he’s only 20, 21. Whole world watches him bat. Stadiums chanting. Bowlers having nightmares.”

The producer leans forward. “Okay, okay, I get it. And then? What’s the twist? Health problem?”

“Well yeah, his back starts cramping. Long innings start to worry him. But then he gets over it.” The producer groans impatiently. “Uff. Then maybe some scandal? Match fixing?” “Oh totally, sir. Fixing changes the face of Indian cricket, but only proves this guy is super-clean. He even wins matches India is supposed to lose.” “Listen, how can this work?” demands the producer. “Where is the drama? Conflict? Any ladki issue at least?”

“No no, he marries early on.” “Then what, one day he just loses form? New kids start playing better?” “Actually yes, after he turns 30, the magic seems to dry up.” “Aha,” smiles the producer, finally relieved. “So then, loss of form, forced retirement, drinking, frustration. I see. And then at the end of the film,” he soothsays, getting ahead of himself in that way producers do, “we have redemption: he turns into a coach or something, gives something back. Interesting.”

Nahin boss, after a couple of years of bad form he starts clicking again.” “Huh? But you said he was 30. Retire nahin karega kya?”

Arre sir, what are you saying? This is when he gets really special. Becomes even better than he ever was. Breaks every record in the books. People routinely call him better than Bradman. Full-blown worship, you see?”

The producer’s exasperated hand slams sweatily onto the sunmica desk. “Abe yaar, what is this? You said sports drama. This is saala fantasy movie, like Krrish or something! Does he also have a cape? Your damn batsman is more than Batman even. No thanks,” he snorts. “I want to make something realistic, which excites people. This is a fairytale, a complete comicbook kahaani.  Nobody will ever believe it only.”


He’s right, you know, that hardboiled producer. As Mark Twain said, Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t. And, yeah, none of us would buy that film. Yet here we are, pinching ourselves in awe, year after year, match after match. Happy 50, SRT. And thanks.


Originally published Mumbai Mirror, December 22, 2010


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  1. Ashish

    Fantastic post! Absolutely loved it.

    1. kedar

      nice post………whole career of SRT is fairytale (minus controversies and scandals).

  2. K

    It was so refreshing to read such a creative tribute after going through tons of mediocre crap written by our so called ‘sports journos’. Thanks man.

  3. samirdatar

    True isn’t it? we believe only when it happens. and the man has been making us believe for 21 years… year after year after year… silencing the critics (and success does spawn a whole bunch of them)… a 1000 years down the line GOD?

  4. BinaryBandya™

    Fantastic post!!!!!!

  5. Sujay

    Best article about Sachin I’ve read so far..

  6. HImanshu Kukreja

    Superb!! great writing .. Just beautiful

  7. Swechcha

    hurry up already with the tmk review. Been going alt refresh, alt refresh for an hour now

  8. Shailendra

    If you had not been India’s best movie critic, you could have been a great sports writer. You had started out as one, I remember!

  9. Gyanban

    Well there could be a whole movie written /directed for each of his innings. lets call it Sandstorm for starters.

    Enjoyed your article.

  10. anirudh

    “Your damn batsman is more than Batman even.”

  11. Nikhil Kulkarni


  12. Bharath

    This is a wonderful creative article. One suggestion though, the snap hinders the effect a wee bit. It would have been wonderful to not have a clue and just break into the fact that this article is about SRT.

  13. Shantu

    “Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t. ” This story is unfinished. It has no climax. No ending. It will go on. SRT and Time never stops. Your watch might do !

  14. sudhishkamath

    Was just thinking about this piece even yesterday. Love this one bro! But seriously, if anyone were to make a Sachin biopic, the conflict would be the story of a champ with the elusive dream of winning a World Cup. He becomes highest run getter every other time but is constantly let down by the team for 20 years… He’s on the verge of retirement and gives it a shot one last time, plays well consistently, emerges once again as the highest run getter for the team is determined to hit his 100th 100 at the final in his home ground… but gets out and leaves India reeling at 31/2… But this being the climax, the team wins it for him and pays its dues and makes his dream come true. But heck! That would be a fairytale ending too!

  15. Baidurya Chatterjee

    Brilliant article Raja da. Awesome !! He is a superhero without a cape.
    @sudhishkamath : truly fitting climax. the movie can be made now. :-)

  16. me

    Very well written and befitting the legend it’s about.

  17. darthbobtarkas

    Change that into “Happy 100” and repost. Heh.

  18. Shiv inde (@ShivInde)

    Wonderful article..Read it on a day he retired from ODI.. The best and befitting tribute to the one and only Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!! Thanks Sachin for making my childhood wonderful and memorable one..

  19. Jaideep Avasarala

    Forget Batman. Forget Superman. Forget Ironman.
    He didn’t have a suit. Nor could he fly. He couldn’t spin a web. Nor did he rely on technology. Pure skill was his armour and pure talent was his weapon.
    Three generations. One hero. The real one

  20. rohangolwalkar

    And now we are ready to relive it again :
    Sachin (A Billion Dreams) teaser is released :)

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