First music video from 99.

Delhi Destiny, the first music video from 99.

Again, comment your blessed hearts out.

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  1. Vijay

    Captures the Delhi Spirit :-). Song is quite nice and it actually grows on you. Really looking forward to this movie man! I hope it sets the Box-Office cash counters ringing!

    1. rajasen

      Thanks much, man. Hoping for the same!

  2. slash\\

    Ok, had to say this. Without seeing the earlier trailer, and after watching the initial part of this song, i thought it was some “dostana-esque” gay skit. And that gave the title “99” a whole different twist. ;)

    1. rajasen

      Got the same feel with the toothpaste shots myself, basically till Soha walks in. Still grinning at the way you included the title into things, though :D

  3. Mayank Sinha

    Hey Raja,

    I have been an avid reader of your reviews for a good 5 years now man. Love your writing style and knowledge of cinema. I always thought you should do something related to films, great to know you have written the dialogues.

    The video is nice, with a lot of the sights of Delhi captured. BTW, where did you get the bloody tuktuk from, I though they were extinct.
    On a completely different note, is Cyrus wearing a fat suit or has he become that big?


    1. rajasen

      Ah, it’s a fatsuit. Fun, you think? Or too much? A buddy told me he’s looking sickeningly fat. I dunno, I like it.

      Thanks for the kind words, bro. Trying to write more stuff now, will keep the blog updated.

  4. Vijay

    Interestingly, the Phat-Phati that characterized many a memorable vacation for me in Delhi is back! and I am thrilled! I think it was the year after that it got phased out right?

    This looks like an amazing premise! I just hope it lives up to the my constantly growing expectations. Of course, the dialogues are already a riot! Especially the Bank and the ATM one.

    1. rajasen

      It’s a fun little film. Disclaimer is that I haven’t seen it yet. Dying to.

      But really, lovely little script.

  5. Bhargav Saikia

    Fresh song! Loved the movie.

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