The Aa Dekhen Zara Review

It’s question time, review-readers.

Question: Who is Nicolas Cage? Answer: An Oscar-winning performer formerly known for quirky madcap roles but now a Ferrari-collecting star turning up in utterly braindead films with interchangable plots and hairpieces.

Despite logical inconsistency and much happenstance instead of actual screenwriting, these films do invariably well, being as much about a singular idea — seeing the future, hunting for treasure, being the devil’s bounty hunter — as they are about the bells and whistles.

Which brings us to Question 2: What is Aa Dekhen Zara? Answer: It is pretty much exactly like one of those myriad moronic Nicolas Cage actioners, except there isn’t a single actual actor to be seen anywhere on the screen.

Read the full review on Rediff. March 27, 2009.


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  1. Veeyes

    Hi Raja

    What happens to Senterfold now? Is this an escape from the vitriol on the boards (almost paraphrasing you there?)…

    Found this site from Suderman’s blog which in turn was discovered courtesy one of your articles on rediff.

    Keep going … but do “button up” and write about “The Brawn Identity”


    1. rajasen

      Interesting how things come full circle, huh?

      Senterfold’s still on. Just writing one right now. Heh. I do admit it’s become infrequent but it’ll chug along. 36 columns and counting, hey.

      Keep reading, buddy. Cheers.

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